Ars Graphica’s annual workshop Graphic arts in dialogue!

Ars Graphica’s annual workshop Graphic arts in dialogue! brings together a group of international specialists in accordance with the mission of Ars Graphica to promote the graphic arts.

This edition is dedicated to graphic art techniques from the traditional to the ultimate 3D-printing processes, that will be demonstrated by internationally renowned printmakers and artists. Drawing, photography and history of collections are also included in the programme.


Academia belgica
Biblioteca apostolica vaticana
stamperia del tevere

WHERE – Rome

WHEN – Wednesday 21 June to Saturday 24 June 2017

APPLICATIONS until: 5 May 2017


Visits to:

and participate to

All rights reserved: Ars Grafica.


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]dedicated collectors

We discover relevant perspectives, merits, editorial keynotes and artists' expositions we do look upon favorably. We work within the fields of art concepts, critics, texts about artworks and expositions, and we stand for independent press in the art market and mainly support the visions of artists and the interests of collectors. That is the reason we called us ]dedicated collectors. Here you can find insides from behind the scenes, news about important researches, recommendations where to go and a critic view of several processes we recognized in arty contexts or changes of attitudes/behaviour. In cooperation with the Collectors Club in Berlin we created the collectors' circle: We always carry most about the collectors’ and artists' connection. art concepts & pr | critics | collectors’ and artists' connection | corporate art, purchasing, Salons and exhibitions. Proudly supported by

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