PARIS: Vortrag What decolonial artist, curators and philosophers want? Colonial wounds, decolonial healings


What decolonial artist, curators and philosophers want? Colonial wounds, decolonial healings
Conference of Walter Mignolo

There are Western histories of art and aesthetics and on bases of them, histories of arts and aesthetics of non-Western civilizations has been written from Western modern/colonial perspectives. Recently, artists, curators, philosophers and art critics began to respond from the colonial wounds that Western artistic and aesthetic imperiality infringed upon them. In Greek tragedy the goals were to motivate catharsis in the audience. In the modern/colonial world the artistic, curatorial and philosophical responses to colonial wounds are decolonial healings of themselves/ourselves and the participants.

He will discuss three key cases: Fred Wilson, Jeannette Elhers and Pedro Lasch

Von 17.07.2017 18:00 Uhr bis 17.07.2017 20:00 Uhr

Ort: DFK Paris 45 rue des Petits Champs, 75001 Paris


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